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Get in touch with me at [my github username]@gmail.com


I'm currently working as a software engineer at Meta, building user-privacy improving features.

Career & Education

Taught myself html, and made a website about my pokemon card collection (age 12, the math is left as an excersise to the reader)
Assisted a teacher in creating a website for my Jr. High School
Lots of QBASIC games, lost to the sands of time now unfortunatly
Lucky enough to have a computer science program at my high school. Studied VB & Java for 3 years
Purchased michaeljasper.com, and subequently didn't renew it. Lost to domain squatters for 15 years.
First paid programming job. Initial developer working for a real-estate (spam) company, turned social network startup.
Started blogging athttps://www.mikedoesweb.com
New job: creating registration forms, updating CMSs, and writing project management software (from scratch) for Weber State University
Gradutated with Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from WSU
Started New Job, Front-end web developer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Promoted to team lead, released a few interesting web products, worked with wonderful people
Authored & taught a weeklong react+redux bootcamp to 100+ people over 5 sessions
Started a CS Masters program
New Job at Instructure, working on lots of interesting projects. Writing services which help students and teachers every day
Spent a semester as an adjunct computer science professor. Taught ES6 and functional programming concepts to undergrad students
Started administering & publishing a UtahJS survey
Graduated with Master of Science in Computer Science from Utah State University
Tech lead over interesting project, delivering 50+ million email, sms, and push notifications a day to students and teachers
Finally reaquired michaeljasper.com after squatters lost it (suckers!). It only took 15 years of patience!
Moved into a software engineering management/team lead position at Instructure
Accepted a new position with Meta, creating user-privacy focused features

Side Projects & Hobbies

Annual UtahJS Survey

Since 2017, I’ve done a survey of the UtahJS community focusing on education, career, pay (and more!), performing the analysis and publishing the results. I've been pleased over the years to hear from individuals who used this survey data to improve their careers & compensation. One or two have made it to the front page of hackernews!

Bread making

I began a sourdough starter in 2017, and have enjoyed baking bread for my family for the last several years

Cheese making

Another fun cooking hobby. I enjoy making small cheddar cheese wheels, and have a small cheese fridge downstairs for aging. My family mostly enjoys fresh "squeaky cheese" whenever the organic-milk-truck is in town.